One thought on “Paul and the Torah. New Podcast Available.

  1. Thank you for explaining the meaning of “law” in the whole counsel of the Bible to clarify the often confused understanding of a flesh-point text, 1 Cor 9:19-23, and the question, “Under which law?” “Law’ in English or “nomon” in Greek, may not refer to the TORAH (the Law/Instruction of God), but a Jewish norm or traditional practice, that served as a right/rite of entry for any gentile to be accepted as a Jew, such as in this case, the rite of circumcision. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the acceptance of all (Jews and Gentiles) into the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, by grace through faith alone. As such it is under the Law of God/Christ, but outside of the Jewish rite of entry to becoming a Jew.

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