Timothy Program International

The Timothy Program International is a directed, online distance learning Bible college and seminary curriculum that prepares lay leaders and aspirants to ministry, offering diploma through doctoral degree programs. With campuses and instructors around the world, TPI is raising up disciples to lead the next generation in their own cultural setting. Students learn to study and teach the Bible from the original languages, its culture and geography, in its historical context. For more information: The Timothy Program International

The Timothy Program International was founded by Dr Karl Coke, who was conferred his Doctor of Philosophy degree by the California Graduate School of Theology in 1973. Here Dr. Coke gives an overview of the TPI program:

God’s Land Journey Series

This incredible video series captures 52 sites in Israel, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the biblical significance of each location. Hosted by Dr. Karl and senior Israeli guide Anton Farah, viewers will have the history, geography, and culture of the Bible beautifully presented. Each episode has study notes to help the viewer follow along, and aid in further study.

For subscription information, please visit: God’s Land Journey