J. David Elwell, Th.D.

Age: 49

Married: Yes, 27 years

Children: Yes, 2 sons

Residence: ADK Mountains, New York.

Ordination: Messiah Congregation (Washington Mills, NY), and Restoration Fellowship International (Cleveland, TN).

Education: Master of Theological Studies (MJ Studies); Doctor of Theological Studies (Biblical Ethics); Doctor of Theology (New Testament).

Current Research: First Century Jewish Christianity and Gentile Inclusion: 30 CE – 90 CE. Advisor: Karl D. Coke, Ph.D.

Vocation: Messianic Rabbi – Messiah Congregation.

Hobbies: hiking (ADK 46er), running, music, books, research, the outdoors, off-grid living.

I am intending to share thoughts on theology, hiking, mensch living (ethics).

Locally: at heart I am a shepherd, serving the people of a congregation, and a region in ways I hope impacts lives. Globally: I have ministered on three continents, helping to build, fund, and expand orphanages, primary schools, lower and upper level secondary schools; as well as, develop Bible college and seminary education for aspirants to ministry.

Clockwise from top left: graduation pic, twining with a young congregant, trail running in the ADK.
Clockwise from top left: meeting young believers on the trail, conference in Tennessee, graduation in India (2016), graduation in Mexico (2017).
Top: Inaugural class of The Sowers School of Ministry, Ndhiwa Kenya, 2012. Bottom right: with Pastor Sam Bakther John. Bottom left: with Bishop Peter Midodo, and his wife, Pastor Rachel.
Clockwise from top left: with Dr. Karl and Pastor Emmanuel Paul, Vellore India, 2016. Dr. Karl with Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, chief rabbi of Efrat Israel. With Dr. John Looper and my son Aidan, Cleveland TN 2019. With Dr. Karl, 2018.

Mountain mensch is, of course, a play on “mountain man,” but it is so much more than that. To be called a “mensch” is a high compliment, similar to being called a “tzadik” or righteous person. While I cannot claim such a status in myself, it is the pursuit of my heart as I follow my Messiah – Yeshua/Jesus.