J. David Elwell, Th.D.

Age: 47

Married: Yes, 25 years

Children: Yes, 2 sons

Residence: ADK Mountains (Hedgehog Mt. to be specific).

Ordination: Messiah Congregation, Restoration Fellowship International.

Education: Master of Theological Studies (MJ Studies); Doctor of Theological Studies (Biblical Ethics); Doctor of Theology (New Testament).

Current Research: First Century Jewish Christianity and Gentile Inclusion: 30 CE – 90 CE. Advisor: Dr. Karl Coke, Ph.D.

Vocation: Messianic Rabbi – Messiah Congregation – http://www.messiahcongregation.org

Hobbies: Hiking (ADK 46er), Running, Music, Books, Research, The Outdoors, Off-Grid Living

Intending to share thoughts on theology, hiking, mensch living, and the environment (where life happens).

Mountain mensch is, of course, a play on “mountain man,” but it is so much more than that. To be called a “mensch” is a high compliment, similar to being called a “tzadik” or righteous person. While I cannot claim such a status in myself, it is the pursuit of my heart as I follow my Messiah – Yeshua/Jesus.