Messiah in Life Podcast

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Messiah in Life is hosted by Justin Elwell, Th.D., messianic rabbi at Messiah Congregation in New York. Drawing from a range of sources, Justin hopes to aid the listener in applying the full counsel of God’s Word to life, by faith in Messiah Yeshua/Jesus.

Tuesday’s: Messiah in Life Short, a five minute inspirational study.
Thursday’s: Messiah in Life, a twenty minute study on the topic of the day.

Bearing a Cup Messiah in Life

Where the Lord set you, from there He will use you. References:Nehemiah 1:3; 6; 2:4-5. 
  1. Bearing a Cup
  2. His Word Restored
  3. Forever O Lord Part 11
  4. The Chef and His Ingredients
  5. Forever O Lord Part 10