Calling the Weary

Many of us remember the days when our parents would call us in from playing outside, play that usually began in early morning and went all day. At times it may take a shout or two for us to hear, but we would eventually respond; and when we finally did return home, undoubtedly we would hear, “You come when I call you.”

In Matthew 11:28-30 we read, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Today I suppose those neighborhood shouts have been exchanged for text messages, if kids do in fact still play outside. Nevertheless, Yeshua/Jesus isn’t texting us, He is calling us, beckoning us to Himself. We often interpret His call as an invitation, but it really is a parental demand, “Come to Me…”

When we consider this text, we note that Yeshua is calling those who labor, physically or emotionally, and those who are heavy with cares. The reward for obedience to His call is: rest.

He directs us to take His “yoke” upon ourselves, as in the yoke of oxen, and He will bear the load of our labor. He then directs us to “learn” from Him, learn how to walk in faith, humble in heart and gentle in spirit, it is a call by Yeshua for us to learn how to trust in the Him.

Dr. J. Rodman Williams explains of this calling, “On one occasion Jesus declared, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden…I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls.” Jesus was One who would “not break a bruised reed or quench a smoldering wick.” He was gentle with broken spirits, with weary and torn people, with all who cried out for help. In relation to the Thessalonians Paul writes, “We were gentle among you, like a nurse taking care of her children.”

As children we often considered the calling of our parents to be spoiling our fun, when in reality it was a means of care and ultimately a source of comfort. They would feed us, tend to us, and ultimately keep us safe.

This is exactly why Yeshua is calling us. He is asking us to not attempt to “figure” it all out on our own, but to turn to Him in prayer, in faith, and He will give us comfort and rest.

Here is my final thought to you: after you have prayed, be sure to listen for the sound of HIs voice echoing in your life, directing your steps in the way He has ordained, doing so is an obedient response to “coming when called.”

Be well. Shalom.

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