Trust in His Name

“Who among you fears the LORD? Who obeys the voice of His Servant? Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the LORD and rely upon his God” (Isa. 50:10).

As I have written before, as we walk with the Lord there will be times when we are surrounded by darkness; not that we ourselves are in darkness, but that circumstances appear to overshadow the brilliance of His Promise.

Isaiah indicates this. Who fears? Who obey’s? What do we do when we walk in the valley overshadowed by death (Ps. 23:4)?

Let him trust. Let the one in the darkness have confidence that He who “called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” is still doing the work promised (Phil. 1:6), and “rely” or lean your body on the Promise Himself (II Cor. 1:20).

In order to trust in His name – of which there are many in Scripture – and rely on the Father for the need, know what you need. As I have written previously, be specific with your prayer.

If you are in need of peace, in a desperately confusing or dangerous situation, call on: “Jehovah Shalom” – יְהוָה שָׁלוֹם/Adonai Shalom.,” the Lord’s name for me right now is peace.

If you are overrun by guilt, shame, or accusation, call on: “the Lord is my righteousness” – יְהוָה צִדְקֵנוּ/Adonai tzedeknu, the Lord who is my righteousness.

If you are in need, whatever it may be, call on: “the Lord will provide” – יְהוָה יִרְאֶה/Adonai jireh, the Lord who both sees and provides.

If you are in need of healing – physically, emotionally or spiritually, call on: “I am the Lord who heals you” -יְהוה רֹפְאֶךָ/Adonai rapha, the Lord who heals all afflictions.

If you need direction or comfort in life, call on: “the Lord is my Shepherd” – יְהוָה רֹעִי/Adonai rohi, the Lord who is leading my every step, and settling me in the peaceful green pastures.

And in every situation, at all times, call on He who is God’s Promise of salvation and deliverance, Yeshua/Jesus, the Messiah.

If you need peace, relief, provision, healing, direction, you will find it in the name of your God, even to the specific need (Isa. 50:10). Whatever darkness you find yourself in today, remember that He has come alongside of you in the person of the promised paraclete, the Holy Spirit, and He reminds you of the promises spoken by God in the light, that can be trusted in the darkness.

Trust Him.

Be well; Shalom.

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