Framing the Window

I love the sunshine; probably most of us do. I also like the occasional cloudy, rainy day. But the morning sunshine breaking through the window, welcoming me to the day, is a special beauty in life.

Noah faced a season of rain, and in Genesis 7:1, the Lord says to Noah:

וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה לְנֹחַ, בֹּא-אַתָּה וְכָל-בֵּיתְךָ אֶל-הַתֵּבָה

“And the Lord said to Noah, “you and all your house, come into the Ark.’”

Having built it exactly as directed, he is called to enter: “Noah, leave nothing of yourself outside, but come in.” It was as if the Lord was calling Noah to Himself, inside the Ark, to where He was; and He did.

In Genesis 6:16, the Lord commands Noah to make a צֹהַר/tzohar, a window or light opening, to allow light, air, and life in the Ark.

The Ark was a living space; a living space needs windows: an opening allowing natural light in for the health and well-being of those inside.

The Ark would not be dank, dark, and dreary; it would have light for those safely inside. There would be light for those called into the Ark.

As Yeshua/Jesus is contending with some Judean leaders in John 5, He says:

“You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. And yet you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life” (Jn. 5:39-40).

The Judean leaders searched the Scriptures looking for life, looking for the key to open the door to eternal life in the Word. As Yeshua points out, they failed to see the Word before them, who opens and closes the way in; as He is the door, the way, the truth and the life (Jn. 14:6; cf. Gen. 7:14). They did not allow for the window in the Ark to light the inner space of the Word.

The Baal Shem Tov, the founder of the Hasidic movement of Judaism, noted regarding the word תֵּבָה/tevah, Ark, that not only does it mean ark or box, but in rabbinic Hebrew it means word, as in the Word of God.

The Baal Shem explained that the Lord, in Genesis 7:1, was calling Noah to enter the Word, to be fully immersed in it, leave nothing of himself outside of it, but remember to make space for the sunshine; allow the light and life in, otherwise he would remain in darkness.

We learn from the Apostolic Scriptures that Yeshua is the Word made flesh (Jn. 1:14); in whom we are delivered; in whom is the light and the life; and into whom we enter by faith (Jn. 1:4-5).

To enter Him we leave nothing of ourselves outside; giving ourselves completely to Him, the life we have searched for, shines before us. He opens our minds to understanding the written Word that point us to Him as the living Word, by shining His light through the window of the Ark, the Word (Lk. 24:27; cf. Ro. 10:4).

Be well. Shalom.

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