The Upholstered Potters Wheel?

The potter has a right, and the authority to do whatever He desires, or finds necessary in the formation of the clay. He owns it after all. Can the clay fight the potter? Or ask, “What have you made?” (Isa. 45:9).

We are the clay. He is the Potter. And our circumstance becomes the wheel upon which He shapes us by His hand. The wheel isn’t spinning itself, His hand is working the wheel as well (Ps. 37:23; cf. Gen. 50:20).

Naturally, we would like a nice upholstered wheel to be shaped on; but the upholstery does not offer resistance. Circumstances are hard, much like the potters wheel, offering the necessary resistance; and this reminds us just how difficult it is to form the image of Messiah in this clay, so accustomed to having its own way (Ro. 8:28-29). And just when you think, “Yes! Victory!” It’s splat once again.

Splat. Spinning. Pressure. Shaping. The pressure of His hand brings us to: Christ in you, now shining out from you.

Ask yourself, “Why am I in such a hurry to be displayed on a shelf?” The more He works on you, the more He works through you. He’s spinning the wheel, and His hands are shaping out the unformed hunk of clay.

When you realize that you are a hunk of clay in the hand of the Potter, where is the boasting? Yet, the vessel He formed becomes an out-raying of His glory, and a vision of His Son.

And when one person is blessed by the out-raying of Yeshua/Jesus, the pressure of being shaped on the hard, cold wheel is forgotten in the warmth and comfort of His hands that are ever resting on us. Hallelujah!

Be well. Shalom.

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