Bring You: 99% Will Not Do

The Lord will settle for nothing less than all of you; 100% of you: yes you.

Messiah calls us to commit to Him, not as a volunteer giving what you can, when you can; but as one who sees no distinction between your work, and “His work” (Jn. 4:24).

A 99% commitment leaves room for “me,” and therefore excuse, and wiggle room to find that excuse.

In Luke 14:33 we read, “So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.”

The Greek ἀποτάσσω/apotassō, forsake, means to leave behind, depart, bid farewell. Do we forsake what we have been given to care for and steward? Too many verses in Scripture direct us away from such a conclusion.

Yeshua is giving us the terms of the living in the Kingdom, simply: do not be possessed by your possessions. ἀποτάσσω/apotassō, another way, “set them aside as the motivating factor in your life to be My disciple.”

In that way, we give Him 100% of ourselves, while fulfilling 100% of life. We live more fully, and freely when we are fully aligned with Yeshua: we love, enjoy, learn, help, rest, allow others to rest, work with joy, worship deeply, friendship more completely, etc., life as an act of worship.

100% does not set you in a hermitage, it sets you free from the prison of instability. Popularized, self-help influenced Christianity asks for the leftovers, what you have to spare; the 99% model will always be popular because it leaves room for you; until, that is, you find that the remnants of your former life, and His life renewed in you, are not compatible.

His terms of commitment to Him have never changed; so bring all of you. Bring your problems. Bring your frustrations. Bring your fears. Bring your success. Bring your doubts. Bring your pain.

In short: bring you. 100%, and nothing less. 99% will just not do.

Be well. Shalom.

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