God’s Land Journey

Blessings friends!

I would like to share an inspiring video series produced by my academic advisor, mentor, and friend Dr. Karl Coke, Ph.D. This series visits 52 biblical sites in Israel, and opens for the viewer the geographic importance of each location. Having viewed several episodes, I can confirm that each episode is enjoyable, informative, and opens the text of Bible in a way that only Israel can; at each site, Scriptures are displayed on the screen related to the location. It is simply an amazing production, and a gift to the Body of Messiah.

From God’s Land Journey website:

We invite you to join us on a virtual journey to the place where the Bible and the Land speak for themselves. Dr. Karl Coke and Anton Farah, Senior Israeli Guide, take us on a geographical tour through the most important Biblical sites in Israel. From Mount Hermon in the North, to Eilat in the South. From the Jordan River in the East, to the Mediterranean Sea in the West.”

Visit their website!


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