One Word

Amen. אמן. One word can mean so much. Too often we say it with little regard for what we are “amen-ing”: “preacher said, “amen,” so, “amen.”

Amen is a prayer in itself. When you look to heaven, at times, all we can say is: “Amen.” And that’s ok.

It is also an affirmation that opens our attitude. Perhaps we are down, upset, uninspired; amen opens the door of release, allowing entry into a new soul space: faith, awe, worship.

By saying it, amen, even when we are not there yet, adjusts our direction, our intention, to that which we desire: Him.

Amen is not simply the end of a prayer, it is a word of joining in, of joining together. Jewish tradition asks that “amen” be the response to every blessing we hear, and every blessing we say.

Amen, אמן, is derived from a verb root meaning to be firm, stable and trustworthy. Amen conveys: let this be so, or let it be solid.

Amen is a spiritual discipline in itself, as it is a single word that can refresh the physical, spiritual, and emotional download of the day. Refresh.

As Yeshua so often said, “Amen, amen, I say to you…” as He rebooted our crashed systems, thereby refreshing our hope.

Say it: Amen. Sing it: Amen. Live it: Amen. Pray it: Amen.

Be well. Shalom.

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