Driving by the Rearview Mirror

To drive forward in a vehicle you cannot look only in the backward facing mirror; rather, you glance at it as you travel forward.

In the faith life, it is such a temptation to look only in the rearview mirror as we travel the road with the Lord.

If this is our condition we are merely archivists and curators of faith. Hebrews 11 dismisses this type of faith; as they too, well aware of where the Lord had brought them from, were ever mindful of where they were going: a land and a city prepared by God.

We are therefore all links in the transmission of the Word of God, שַׁלְשֶׁ֓לֶת/Shalshelet, meaning a chain. In the cantillation of the Torah, the שַׁלְשֶׁ֓לֶת/Shalshelet is a note sung, among the least common notes of the Torah melody, used only four times.

What do we learn? We are called to a living and, in these days it seems, an uncommon faith. Looking to the past in glances that help us move forward, while allowing the Living Word to go before us; as the Word is living, and still speaking of things unfolding and yet to be.

So hold on to that uncommon, new song, or perhaps just a single note that sounds, drawing the attention of the ears called to hear as you travel on the road of faith.

Meditation: Hebrews 11:13-16.

Be well; shalom.

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