What Are You Hearing?

There is entirely too much silent reading of the Word of God. Read it out loud. It does not have to be at full volume, just enough for your ears to hear.

When reading in the mind, silently, we miss the breath, the life, and the tonal experience. The words we are reading are then drowned out by the cacophony of voices and words pummeling us daily.

The rabbis say, “Voice arouses כַּוָּנָה/kavannah.” כַּוָּנָה/kavannah means intention or deep feeling.

The Word of God voiced impacts not only the intellect, but also the body and soul. The voice arouses our intention for hearing the Word, and stirs in us a desire to know its Author more deeply.

The voice gives feeling to the words, texture and color. We are all stirred by the words of a love song because we can connect to the feeling of love with our beloved, and experience the words we are hearing as an extension of our own heart and memory.

So give voice to the words, not specifically for the benefit of the one next to you, but for the life in you.

“Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Ro. 10:17).

Be well. Shalom.

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