Mt. Colden Trek ADK High Peak

The MacIntyre Range

14 miles | Beginning Temperature -8 | Average Temp -5 | 01/09/20

Starting out.

I finally found some time to take a day trip up to the high peaks. I knew it was going to be a cold day, but it was also supposed to be a gorgeous day. Proper winter gear, and common sense helps to keep one safe, well, safer.

Along the way.

The starting temp at 8:00am was -8F, and it never went above 0F until late in the day. It was 13F when I got back to the Jeep.

Snowshoes all day. Most of the trail was broken, except for the last 1/5 mile to the summit. Half of that was 5” to 8” of fresh powder. The last half was 2’ to 3’ of fresh powder and snowdrifts. After 6 miles the legs were feeling it.

Part of the trail.

Absolutely no wind on the summit, and I could hear people talking on the neighboring summits…yes, I wasn’t the only crazy person out there.

On the false summit of Colden with Mt. Marcy in the background.

After descending most of the mountain I realized that my ice ax had detached from my pack. Where could it be? Well, about 50 yards from the top. So a second climb it was, but the Lord spoke a lesson to me after the fact.

The exit seemed to take forever. Stopped at a lean to for a break, which I usually don’t do.

Chillin in a Lean to.

Prayed a lot, “O Lord, don’t let me freeze to death on this mountain.” Only joking. Even with as cold as it was all day, and as damp or sweaty as I was, I was never chilled or cold. My gear did it’s job. Wool and microfiber garments are a must, and in the ADK cotton kills in the winter, literally.

Great day. I’m feeling refreshed and recharged…even with the aches and pains.

Beautiful Mt. Marcy. Highest peak in New York State.

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