What’s the difference?

What’s the difference?

Pic left – 350 lbs (May 2018)
Pic right – 240 lbs. (Nov. 2019)

In June of 2018 I decided that I was too young (44) to feel as old and worn out as I had been feeling. I slowly changed my diet, began to work out, walk and hike. Slowly the weight began to drop. Diagnosed arthritis in both shoulders diminished and eventually disappeared. I began to sleep more soundly. I was able to run again, and now trail run.

In 2018 I did 26 mountain hikes, 8 of those ADK high peaks (all 8 at 300lbs. and above).

In 2019, as of today, I have completed 51 ADK mountain hikes, 26 of those ADK high peaks.

Was it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. Everyone’s journey is different. This is the one I’m on now, and pray I can maintain. We all face challenges, but with the Lord’s help, and by encouraging each other, we can face challenges in faith, knowing that the victory is already won (Phil. 4:13).

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