Trails-less Traveled – 1

Chub Lake, Arietta, NY.

The trails-less traveled series will focus on trail-less, unmaintained, or lesser traveled trails, mountains, and destinations in the Adirondack Park.

Hike Date: October 9, 2020.

Tomany Mountain.

Trailhead parking on Rt. 10. Enter the trail across the road, about 10ft. from the guardrail, it is not marked, see below.
Entry point for the trail, it will be obvious as you get closer.

Location: Rt. 10, Hamilton County, NY.
ADK Location: Ferris Lake Wild Forest
Roundtrip milage: 3.9 +/-
Elevation: 2589ft.
Elevation gain: 1150ft.

I have driven by this trailhead parking area dozens of times, but never knew what trail originated there. Map out. Tomany Mt. The trail up Tomany Mt. has not been maintained officially since the late 1980’s, most likely ending with the decommissioning of the fire tower that once stood on top of this mountain. The tower was disassembled in 1987. The trail follows, roughly, a line of old telephone poles, with some very old DEC foot trail markers. While not maintained officially, some kind hiker(s) has marked the trail with orange, or orange and black, surveyors tape. At points you can lose these markers, or they have fallen off, specifically about .3 from the summit. The trail has some blowdown, but not too bad. As you follow the trail, which takes you slightly around the summit, you will end up by the foundation for the old observers cabin. See pics below.

Overall, it is an enjoyable hike. Nothing too strenuous, but as always, be prepared for entering the ADK backcountry.


Observers cabin foundation, with steps.
A well-pump head laying on the ground.
The footings for the fire tower.
The disregarded remains of the fire tower.

While this is a short trail, being technically trail-less, it will require some bushwhacking skills, along with a map and compass to be safe. Do not overlook this gem of the southern Adirondacks. While there are limited views, apart from winter, it is a beautiful and historic place to visit.

An example of the surveyors tape, and telephone pole found along the trail.
About .5 in where the Tomany Mt. trail crosses the snowmobile trail.
Steps to the observers cabin.
One of the footers for the tower, located about 100ft. from the observers cabin foundation.
Another view of the fire tower footings.
The remains of the fire tower.
Old footpath marker.
Old footpath marker on one of the telephone poles.
Well-pump from the observers cabin.
A nicer section of the trail. The trail is easy to follow for most of the trek in.
Taking in the scenery, and reflecting on Tomany Mt. from the stairs of the observers cabin.

Chub Lake Mountain

Location: Arietta, Rt. 10, Hamilton County, NY.
ADK Location: Silver Lake Wilderness
Roundtrip milage: 2.1 +/-
Elevation: 2109ft.
Elevation gain: 500ft +/-.

Another trailhead parking area that I’ve wondered about for some time. Again to the map. Unlike Tomany Mt., Chub Lake Mt. has no trail, but three different trails leading to it. From where you park, it will seem obvious that you enter the woods directly off the parking area. At this entry point, there is a trail on the left that will take you to Chub Lake, about .2 of a mile. If, from your vehicle, you walk towards the woods just to the left of the guardrail, a trail begins there that will take you to a marked campsite, the other trail ends up in the campsite as well. Through the campsite you will head toward the lake, and then across a marshy area to the base of Chub Lake Mt. From this point it is a bushwhack to the summit. It is not a difficult climb, but, like any bushwhack, it will take a bit longer than expected as you navigate your way up and down. Please take a bearing to be safe, and have your map with you.


The features on Chub Lake Mt. are the rock walls used by rock climbers, and some nice rock outcroppings that you come across on the way up. There is no view from the summit, but a couple of nice lookouts as you walk around before heading down. It is a beautiful, and quiet area.

A view from the marshy area at the base of Chub Lake Mt.
A nice view from just above the cliffs of Chub Lake Mt, looking to Trout Lake Mt. if I recall correctly.
A view of Chub Lake Mt. from the roadside of Rt. 10 in Arietta, NY.

Overall, it is an enjoyable hike. Nothing too strenuous, but as always, be prepared for entering the ADK backcountry.

While neither of these trails will lure summit seekers looking for great views, if you enjoy hiking, bushwhacking, and historical locations, these two mountains are awesome. Route 10 is often overlooked, but it has some of the best hiking, camping, and kayaking points in the ADK.

Enjoy, and safe hiking!